Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trade With The Trend?

Trade With The Trend is a price-action based indicator for use with NinjaTrader.

How does Trade With The Trend work?

Trade With The Trend uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze price data and highlight potential areas where the market may be shifting from bullish to bearish (and vice-versa).

On what charting platforms does Trade With The Trend run?

Trade With the Trend is compatible with NinjaTrader 7 and a NinjaTrader 8 version will be available soon. If you have feedback or a request for a specific platform for Trade With The Trend to support, please send it to us and we will make sure your feedback is addressed.

What instruments can I use with Trade With The Trend?

Most insruments should work fine, but if you have a particular instrument in mind, please let us know before purchasing. We primarily trade the popular futures indices (ES, NQ, YM, CL, TF, etc).

Is this a buy/sell signal indicator?

Not exactly. Trading successfully requires a sound trading plan, including proper money management and trade entry/exit rules. Since every trader is different and trades different market and timeframes, you should not blindly take every "signal" that the Trade With The Trend indicator shows. Our setup guide will help you come up with a solid trading plan for your preferred market and timeframe,